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how to save money on your electricity bill without switching supplier


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All the devices below can be used to reduce your consumption as well as to time-shift  away from peaks. 


The Belkin Wemo switch (middle of the top row) is remotely controllable over the internet using a smartphone app.

All the devices plug in without wiring except for the immersion heater switch (middle of the second row) which requires a bit more skill than a normal 13amp plug; but it is probably the one that will have the greatest effect on your consumption. If in doubt get an electrician or a friend experienced in DIY to install it for you.

To see more advanced components, click on the GEO Home Energy Management link on the right, below.

The links go through to Amazon with whom I have an an agreement. They accept your payments and manage the despatch in their usual way.

Click on each product to see a more detailed description - and user reviews -