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how to save money on your electricity bill without switching supplier

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Time of Use Tariffs

Time-of-use tariffs can be used to encourage consumers to shift demand from peak times to low-demand times by differential pricing. An example of this in UK is the Economy 7 tariff, which has cheaper electricity from midnight to 7am. 

A more sophisticated version of this is the Salt River Time of Day tariff    Salt River Project (SRP) is an energy conscious utility in Phoenix Arizona.

Here's a video they produced about cutting demand at peak times- their major problem in Arizona is air conditioning demand, but the principles apply equally in UK:

British Gas produced this video to explain time of use tariffs:

Sara Bell of Tempus Energy has a useful slant as well......

You can time shift your use of electricity by using an inexpensive time switch.  



               This one is connected to my immersion heater - I leave it off for most of the day, but you only need to for a couple of hours to make a difference                                      

 ...and this one to my freezer - it's well insulated so there's no issue            with switching it off for a couple of hours. You can see it's set to turn     off from about 4pm to 6pm and for half an hour in the early morning. However modern chest freezers are extremely efficient - mine uses an average of just 14W, the old one was around 50W. You might do better to look at switching your iIT and broadband off at peak times if convenient - rmeber that laptops, tablets and phones have batteries! My broadband comes from a satellite dish as well as the telephone cable, and uses up to 80W, so is worth turning off if no-one is using it!